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Mental Health Specialist I - Nursing BH8A Adolescent Unit. Job in Columbus Care Jobs

Columbus, Ohio
Job Type
Full Time
3 Aug 2022
Day Shift: (7a-3:30p)

(1) 32 hours per week available (0.8 FTE).

(1) 24 hours per week available (0.6 FTE).

Evening Shift: (3:00pm-11:30pm)

(3) 32 hours per week available (0.8 FTE).

(1) 24 hours per week available (0.6 FTE).

Night Shift: (11p-7:30a)

(1) 32 hours per week available (0.8 FTE).

(1) 24 hours per week available (0.6 FTE).

Every other weekend required; Benefits eligible.

Position Starts at $17.397 an hour. Pay to commensurate with experience.

Responsible for performing basic supportive, Trauma Informed care to specified patients/families under the direction and supervision of an RN/Care Manager. Responsibilities include the provision of a safe and therapeutic milieu, crisis intervention and assistance with activities of daily living. Collects, documents, and reports data to the RN Care Manager but does not interpret data. Demonstrates competence in providing age-appropriate, Trauma Informed care and service for pediatric patients.

The moment you walk through our doors, you feel it. When you meet our patient families, you believe it. And when you talk with anyone who works here, you want to be part of it. Welcome to Nationwide Childrens Hospital, Where Passion Meets Purpose.

Here, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are integrated into our core values and practices. We are passionate about building, sustaining and evolving an inclusive and equitable environment. We are seeking individuals who live these values and want to share their experiences and efforts in support of our collective mission.

Were 14,000 strong. And it takes every one of us to improve the lives of the kids we care for, and the kids around the world well never meet. Kids who live healthier, fuller lives because of the knowledge we share. We know it takes a Collaborative Culture to deliver on our promise to provide the very best, innovative care and to foster new discoveries, made possible by the most groundbreaking research. Anywhere.

Ask anyone with a Nationwide Childrens badge what they do for a living. Theyll tell you its More Than a Job. Its a calling. Its a chance to use and grow your talent to make an impact that truly matters. Because here, we exist simply to help children everywhere.

Nationwide Childrens Hospital. A Place to Be Proud.


  1. Participates with the interdisciplinary team in specialized patient care activities.
a. Provides encouragement support and reinforces positive behavior with a therapeutic, calm approach while maintaining therapeutic boundaries, setting limits, and utilizing de-escalation techniques, including physical intervention skills.

b. Demonstrates ability to identify and record relevant information for the most common diagnostic groups including:

i. Major Depression (with and without psychotic features).

ii. Bipolar Affective Disorder (including manic, depressed and mixed episode).

iii. Psychotic Disorder (Including Schizophrenia & Subtypes)

iv. Attention Deficit and Disruptive Behavior Disorders.

v. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

vi. Autism Spectrum Disorders.

vii. Intermittent Explosive Disorder.

c. Effectively establishes therapeutic relationships with patients and families on the unit.

d. Utilizes Trauma Informed Care philosophies when interacting with patients and families.

e. Leads, or co-leads and/or reinforces teaching of symptom management, including relaxation techniques, anger management, therapeutic goal-setting, problem solving, coping skills, etc.

f. Assists with Admission & Discharge Process as directed by unit RN. Completes unit/room orientation; reinforces information given to patients.

g. Utilizes therapeutic, Trauma Informed intervention techniques before, during and after the time of crisis to support safe patient de-escalation.

h. Assists with physical crisis intervention techniques and physical restraint during specific crisis situations per NCH policy.

  1. Collects, documents, and reports the following data:
a. Vital signs

b. Temperature (oral, axillary, rectal); pulse (apical and radial); respirations; blood pressure using the non-invasive automatic blood pressure machine.

c. Heights, weights, and abdominal girth.

d. Oxygen saturation.

  1. Provides basic supportive care:
a. Hygiene: (bath, shampoos, mouth care).

b. Bed making and keep patient room clean and orderly

c. Nutrition:

Oral feedings; gravity tube feedings (G-tube; for O-G or N-G feedings, placement must be checked by an RN or LPN prior to initiation of feeding. When using an enteral feeding pump, the Mental Health Technician can fill the bag and prime the tubing. The LPN or RN must set the rate and initiate the feeding. Measures intake. Delivers and collects meal trays and record I & O, calorie counts.

d. Mobility: Assists with transfer (wheelchair, etc.) Ambulates patients

e. Elimination:

Assists with urinary catheter insertion.

Performs peri-care using soap and water for patients with a Foley catheter during daily bath and as needed to maintain cleanliness of area around foley catheter.

Empties catheter bag.

Measures output (from catheter bag or collection device).

Empties urine or stool.

f. Provides basic skin care and applies NCH approved over the counter skin products that provide a protective barrier to prevent skin breakdown.

g. Reposition patients and documents per NCH Skin Risk Protocol.

h. Performs the constant attendant responsibilities for patients as delegated.

i. Cares for patients with restraints and documents observations per policy.

j. Promotes general patient safety.

  1. Performs the following procedures:
a. Specimen collection: (urine for urinalysis and culture, stool for stool studies, sputum for culture, gastric drainage, blood by capillary puncture). Obtains clean catch urine.

b. Specimen testing per unit policy.

c. Cast/traction/pin care.

d. Simple (clean/non-sterile) dressing changes: band aid, established G-tube site, surgical skin prep, covers surgical wounds for shower, established ostomy site (change bag, clean site).

e. Holds, positions patient and assists with procedures (examples: IV insertion, lumbar puncture, chest tube insertion and removal).

f. Observes and reports appearance of peripheral IV site.

g. Gather/open/set up supplies (including sterile trays) to assist RN/Care Manager and others.

h. Gather tubing for both peripheral IVs and central venous catheters (does not include assembly, spiking bag or priming tubing).

i. Observes heat or cold applications: for example heating/cooling blanket, ice packs, heat lamp. Reports observations to RN.

j. Assists with prescribed respiratory therapy activities: oral and nasal bulb suctioning.

k. Assists patient to cough and deep breathe (ex: spirometer) and documents.

l. Assists with oxygen therapy: sets up tubing and nasal cannula/mask.

m. Attaches patients to the pulse oximeter according to policy.

n. Assists with prescribed physical therapy activities: (under direction of licensed physical therapist). Performs specific range of motion exercises.

o. Uses approved equipment safely and appropriately.

p. Transports patients to other departments/areas of the hospital: Mental Health Technicians may transport patients per hospital policy to other departments/areas (x-ray, MRI, etc.). The RN/Care Manager must assess the patient to determine the appropriate level of personnel to transport the patient.

  1. Documents all data collected and care provided.
  2. Role responsibilities and accountable for: Accepts delegation from RN/Care Manager. Demonstrates time and resource management. Demonstrates appropriate use of hospital resources:
a. Incidental personal use of NCH information systems (including the telephone) is permissible so long as the usage does not interfere with job performance, does not deny other users access to the system resources, does not incur significant costs, and is allowed by the department head or manager.

b. Users may not use computing resources for their own personal or financial gain. Viewing materials that are obscene, objectionable or that put NCH at undue risk is prohibited unless it is a documented part of the users duties and approved by the manager or department head.

  1. Follows hospital policies and procedures.
  2. Follows HIPPA Guidelines
  3. Participates in unit/program/area quality improvement activities.
  4. Performs general unit tasks (answers phone, call lights, admission/discharge functions, etc.)

  1. Performs regular checks of the patient environment to maintain safety.
  2. Dusts surface areas on the unit/area.
  3. Cleans the unit/area refrigerators (conference room).
  4. Changes needle boxes.
  5. Empties non-routine trash and lines bags.
  6. Assists unit in maintaining Joint Commission readiness (keeping hallways clear, linen carts covered etc).
  7. Completes unit specific environmental duties as assigned.

  1. Acts as a preceptor of orientation and training of other Mental Health Technician (MHT) staff.
  2. Provides peer input for performance appraisals at the request of the manager or RN.
  3. Identifies own learning needs, seek assistance and attend educational programs as needed.
  4. Attends annual/mandatory in-services within designation time frame.
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  • Job Reference: 676953742-2
  • Date Posted: 3 August 2022
  • Employer: Nationwide Children's Hospital
  • Location: Columbus, Ohio
  • Salary: On Application
  • Sector: Mental Health, Nursing, Other
  • Job Type: Full Time